Reinventing Your Halloween Marketing Strategy

Reinventing Your Halloween Marketing Strategy

Halloween may be more important than ever in 2020. It has been a stressful year, and people are begging for a holiday to celebrate and take their minds off of the troublesome year we’ve had. This year has been tough and confusing for many children just as much as adults. While we all need this distraction, it is still important to stay safe and follow health and safety guidelines. Marketers have taken note of this and adjusted their strategies to accommodate this year’s unusual circumstances.

Marketing for Halloween During a Pandemic

Halloween is not typically a socially distanced holiday but this year it is going to have to be. Many companies (especially candy companies) have had to get creative in how they market their Halloween specials to a world fighting a pandemic. Every industry from retail stores to candy and restaurants have been finding ways to boost their sales and brands this year. An article from Marketing Dive provides a nice overview of how different companies are adapting to a socially distant Halloween.

Innovative Marketing Strategies for a Socially Distant Halloween

Candy companies knew they were going to be at risk of losing sales during one of their biggest holidays. This forced them to get creative with their marketing strategies. With the CDC discouraging traditional trick-or-treating, companies like Mars Wrigley decided to make Halloween virtual. The company released an app called Treat Town that was released at the beginning of October. The app allows kids and families to enjoy Halloween festivities virtually and safely. Hostess announced the “Bring Hostess Halloween Home” campaign. They have made several Halloween recipes and activities available on their social media and product packaging. This is a great way to make the holiday fun while safely staying at home. There have been many great marketing innovations this year.

How You Can Market Your Business this Halloween

It is important not to miss this marketing opportunity. As with all marketing campaigns, it is important to be creative and original. You can take notes from the larger corporations and promote safe Halloween activities. If your product or service is food-related you can create Halloween-themed recipes and serving suggestions to your customers like Hostess is doing. You can do reverse trick-or-treating in your community similar to the Sour Patch Kids campaign. There are many ways to be innovative and make the most of this holiday.

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