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Email Marketing Keeps Your Customers Engaged

Email Marketing is a great tool that allows our clients to keep in contact with potential clients by presenting information in an organized manner. We analyze your business and determine what your clients want to view. We then formulate quality posts and design accompanying graphics that last in your clients minds. Contact us today to learn more about how Email Marketing can help your business grow.

Bold Email Marketing That Compliments Your Brand

Email marketing is a great tool that allows you to remain at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Consistent email messages reinforce your brand message and remind clients of what makes you unique through direct and indirect sales messages.


Email Marketing Features & Benefits

Email Marketing is the lowest cost solution for mass communication and encourages your followers to engage with your brand.


Below are some of the features used to improve your email marketing performance.

Low Cost Mass Communication

A tried and true approach, Email Marketing is a low cost option for communicating  with your audience on a large level. We'll help you send out email blasts promoting your business to as large of a target audience as you need.

Email Open & Click Tracking

One of the big benefits of Email Marketing is the ability to observe and track what messages your audience wants to see, and what they don't. This lets you curate your advertising to be as optimal for your audience as possible.

Click to Action Encouragement

When using Bold Media's Email Marketing services, you'll be able to direct your readers to important pages of your website with click-to-action buttons, placed strategically in your email.

Consistent Branding

Email advertisements must be representative of your company, we will design your newsletters to match your brand with consistent colors and images.

Reach Loyal Customers

Another helpful aspect of Email Marketing is the option to reward subscribers with special coupons or information available only to them. Separate your readers into groups with specific needs and target goals.

Audience Segregation

Bold Media will do extensive research to be able to track and filter who will receive what messages. We will work with you to develop a strategy for targeting each filtered list.

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