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Increase Sales With A Magento eCommerce Website Design

Magento is a powerful eCommerce software that has both free open source and an even more powerful Enterprise edition that can be self-hosted or used as a cloud. It offers powerful marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tools that can really benefit your site. It has a versatile content management, customize security permissions and built-in cross sells. Magento gives you complete control and customization when it comes to your SEO. With SEO, site speed matters and Magento gives you a great performance boost and loads your site faster. If your eCommerce site is made for a large amount of products then Magento is a good option. 

Bold Media offers professional eCommerce website design services that produce results online. Within each of our website design packages, we include website necessities at no additional cost to you. Contact us today to learn more about how a Website Design can help your business grow.

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We work with you to determine the optimal website layout and user interface that’ll promote traffic flow directed at your desired end point.


We develop your website using the latest technologies so you are never behind. Our coding works on all platforms and browsers so you don't risk losing customers.


Launch your website with assurance that it is optimal for desktop and mobile devices. Your information is laid out in a fashion clear to find regardless of viewing environment.

Magento Website Features & Benefits

Magento is a versatile eCommerce platform that offers many benefits for your business that can increase leads and engagement. With complete control and customization, as well as options for multiple websites, Magento is a great solution for an online store.


Below are some of the features used to improve your website's design and functionality.

Responsive Design

Your website will be designed to automatically scale to any screen size, allowing it to work on all devices. It is vital to make sure anyone on any device can view your website the way it is meant to. Bold Media websites will always make your business and services visible to anyone interested, leading to improved reach and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide the option to build your site with SEO content set up, allowing you to rank highly on search engines so potential customers can find you faster. SEO is one of the most important aspects of lead generation, learn more on our Search Engine Optimization page.

Versatile Content Management

With its powerful marketing and SEO tools, Magento gives you complete control over the presentation of your online store. Bold Media will produce quality content that engages users and leads to an increase in product sales.

Third Party Integration

Magento's versatility does more than benefit itself, it also allows you to connect your eCommerce experience and other features more easily. Maintain multiple sales channels with flexible and easy-to-use software.

Store Security

Security is a vital aspect of operating an online store. Let customers know their private details are safe while browsing your website. We offer the same security as our competitors, for up to 90% less.

Multi-Website Options

Using just one back-end admin, you are able to host multiple websites and platforms of your store. This leads to a greater variety for your customers and a wider reach for your business.

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