Refer a Customer & Earn $50

Refer a Friend & Get $50 Back

Complete the following form to earn $50 in rewards for each referral that you submit!  

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Referral rewards are valid for referrals to new clients only who engage in a website design project or a marketing service.  Contact us today with any questions or comments!

How the Referral Program Works

To give back to our loyal clients, we're offering $50 for every successful referral completed. Here's how it works:

1. Submit Information

Submit your information and your referral contact info to our referral program form.

2. Inform Your Referral

Direct your referral contact to Bold Media so they can get in touch with our marketing team and learn about our services.

3. Earn Rewards

When your referral completes their project or receives their first month of marketing services, you'll earn $50 in rewards for your contribution.

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