Snack Brand Launches Its First Outdoor Campaign During A Lockdown

Snack Brand Launches Its First Outdoor Campaign

Due to not many people being outdoors, Emily Crisps had to find ways to ensure it had an impact in other media. In December 2019 Emily Crisps bought some outdoor media space thinking it would be the perfect time to run its first outdoor advertisement campaign in April. The snack brand envisioned a sunny bank holiday Easter weekend with people enjoying the outdoors and eating lots of crisps. 

After realising the reality was going to be different and the campaign wasn’t going to be seen by a lot of people, the marketing team moved quickly to to turn four new ads calling out their marketing misfortune. “Our first ever poster, seen by a runner and one pigeon. Typical.” Another read “Hmmm…Maybe we should have made a TV ad instead.”

The original campaign was centered around the idea that the whole market eats “boring” potato crisps and that most brands copy Walkers’s red, green and blue styles. That led to the creation of the ‘ditch dull, east bold’ campaign, which Emily will still run when the lockdown is over. The brand said, “we didn’t want people to think we were making light of coronavirus and calling it ‘dull’” Draper, from Nature Brands said, “As long as we look truthful and not like we’re trying to capitalise on coronavirus, because that’s really disingenuous, then great let’s do it.” It took Emily’s marketing team and creative agency less than a week to turn around the new campaign, says Marketing Week’s article.

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