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Instagram has launched a new @shop account that creates shoppable posts from the app. An Instagram spokesperson said, “Content featured on @shop will be 100% community – trends driven. The team managing @shop will work with the Community Labs team at Instagram to identify trends, brands, and creators that are of interest to our community so the account will be a real-time indicator of what’s new and emerging on Instagram.” For Instagram, this is a step towards its e-commerce initiatives. The posts boost exposure for brands and creators which soon will make them more likely to create their own shoppable posts. 

The account is made to inspire the community of shoppers and businesses. This is your chance to showcase your brand and products in front of 500 million trend seeking shoppers on Instagram. It can be a simple method to grow your customer base from an app by becoming more discoverable when you appear on the Explore page.  The Explorer page is where posts are personalized for users depending on their interests. All the product’s tags list the item’s price and a hyperlink for quick purchases. It will provide a consistent in-app shopping experience from finding products, purchasing online to delivery of the product. As a shop manager, a major advantage of this platform is inventory syncing across platforms.   Now is your time to inspire new shoppers and loyal customers! “Be where your shoppers and customers already are!”

Instagram has been transforming from a casual social platform to a sales channel for businesses. In the past, the hardest part about running a business on Instagram was the inability to share clickable links in captions or tag products in the posts. With this new shoppable tool, users can complete their purchases without ever having to leave the Instagram app. With the ability to send traffic directly from Instagram posts, businesses can easily connect with their audiences.

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