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According to Marketing Land[HF1] , Facebook announced that it will be offering two new features for its business users: lead generation templates and an appointment booking interface with calendar integration platforms. The lead generation template will be created from Facebook’s Ads manager.  The Ad Manager will generate an automated question and answer via Messenger when a visitor clicks on a News Feed ad. These new features will offer brands a personalized experience with both existing and potential customers.

According to Facebook’s internal data, users and businesses are exchanging over 20 billion messages over Messenger each month. With that being said, we believe this new feature will be a big success for businesses to grow their brand. We’ve worked with Facebooks Ads over the years and believe this new form of AI will only benefit businesses.  With these new resources available, campaigns with specific goals would have additional tools for greater success. Rather than rely on additional staff to monitor your social media pages, this can soon be replaced by smart AI bots.

Facebook Ads have been a great resource for reaching potential clients.  With over 1.55 Billion users, the opportunities to grow your brand online via Facebook’s ad network are unlimited.  They offer a variety of ad methods, with a diverse advertising goal selection to meet a business’ needs.  We believe that any business should seriously consider advertising through social media to reach new clients and maintain relationships with existing clients.

At Bold Media we are focused on providing our clients with exceptional marketing services.  We have launched campaigns that maintenance social media profiles and present advertisements across social media platforms.   If you are interested in generating leads or boosting your brand over social media, please call us today at (248) 477- 5994 to learn more about how we can help you.

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