Mission-based Marketing is on the Rise

Mission-based Marketing is on the Rise

Mission-based Marketing is up 42%

According to an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) survey, mission- based marketing has increased by 42%. This has everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic that has been in the spotlight since the beginning of 2020. Customers want to know where companies stand.

Mission-based Marketing: Social Distancing

Many companies have released ads promoting the recommended social distancing guidelines that health organizations have released. Fast food giants such as Mcdonald’s and Burger King quickly released ads that asked customers to stay home and order their food on their apps. Many companies got creative with their campaigns including Heinz which created puzzles that went along with a social media campaign promoting people to stay home. You can view these campaigns and more on Digital Agency Network’s website.


Mission-based Marketing: Thanking Our Healthcare Heroes

Many Companies such as Dove have showcased Healthcare workers and thanked them for their hard and important work. Companies as well as News outlets have been showing support for the healthcare community and telling their stories. These campaigns have made their position on the pandemic clear to their customers.  


Mission-based Marketing and Bold Media

At Bold Media we can help you create a marketing strategy to promote your company’s  mission. We will help your company create social media posts/ads  as well as write articles to boost your marketing campaign. Learn more about all of our services online or call us at (248) 477-5994.

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