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It seems that PepsiCo is everywhere and that’s because it is. Executives shared on its Q3 2019 earnings call, the advertising has increased advertising and marketing spending by 12% this year. Net sales rose 4.3% to $17.2 billion in Q3 from earlier this year. The advertising have had a variety of forms from freshening up the bands. 

A few factors that resulted in the successful marketing of PepsiCo is that Gen Z and millennials continue to shape the food and beverage industries. Almost half of the Gen Z generation sees soda drinks as unhealthy and want healthier options. However, PepsiCo’s efforts to market these picky consumers have been strong and even included their first ever TV commercial for the Bubly sparkling water brand. 

While the Pepsi drink hasn’t changed its product, it has changed how it markets them to target consumers accurately. They market through multi-channels to reinforce its diverse messaging through a combination of social media, TV, digital, augmented reality, charity and more. According to MarketingDive article, PepsiCo is reportedly developing an in-house “media and consumer data team” which focuses on merging data and insights. At SXSW, Warner said, “One of the things we’re trying to do is build an insights platform that allows us to network data. Instead of almost throwing data away, we recycle it,” the executive said. “The more we test and learn, the smarter we get.” 

Pepsi is always thinking of more creative ways for future efforts. A plan is laid out to integrate purpose into its brands and plans. The plan for PepsiCo is to bring purpose-driven focus throughout the supply chain.

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