Facebook’s Search Ad Test Is Extending To More Accounts

FB Search Test

For the past six months, Facebook has been testing ads in its search results with a few advertisers. Susan Wenograd, vice president of marketing strategy at Aimclear said, “it appears as a placement item. Interestingly, you can target it as a stand-alone placement. You don’t seem to be required to target the Feed, as well, in order to enable it.” Facebook says that they are still testing placing the ads in search results and continue to evaluate whether these ads are helpful to people and businesses before they roll them out more. 

Marketing Land article says as of now, Facebook search ads are still limited to a small group of retail, e-commerce and auto advertisers. They appear in search results for queries that have the same commercial content. With this, advertisers can’t select certain keywords for search ad campaigns. The ad format includes a headline, image and copy text making it similar to News Feed ads. It also includes a “Sponsored” tag and a product catalog sales, conversions and traffic objectives that can be beneficial for businesses.

Facebook continues to grow and advance with their ad inventory. Finding new ad placement is a win for both Facebook and advertisers. This new search ad feature can open up new opportunities for service provides and more to better reach engaged users. 

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