Cable Companies to Offer Viewer Specific Ads


The American Marketing Association wrote about how targeted ads are advancing in the near future. Companies have easy access to your web browsing and social media date. That is why their ads seem to be following you around on the internet. Soon, major cable operators will be able to play specific ads in specific households based on the information pulled from cable registration forms. Previously companies had access to general information such as location data but now they may have more detailed information such as viewers’ exact addresses and average household income. With these tailored ads, for example, you can start seeing car ads that are served to a household depending on the household income such as a luxury sedan versus budget compacts. Targeted advertising can show different ads to your next door neighbor. 

The National Cable Communications (NCC), a company owned by Comcast, Charter and Cox, has access to 85 million households in the U.S. A reporter from Digiday mentioned that the shared data won’t stop with your registration form. “If you have an internet service, bundled with your Tv service, they can also track your browsing as well, what websites you visit.” This is the same case if your cell phone is also connected to the service and they can take all that information into account to target your TV ads.

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