What Marketers and Business Leaders Can Learn From A Former Navy Seal

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Alden Mills was a former Navy Seal that entered the business world post-seal life. In 2004, he founded Perfect Fitness and in a few years his company lead to enormous growth which resulted in being recognized as the number one fastest growing consumer products company in America, says Marketing Land article. Alden was asked about what marketers can learn from someone like him and he simply said, “Never give up!” He said your focus will determine your attitude, actions, outcomes and the tone for your team’s focus. 

He also believes it’s all about the team – period. Alden said, “we need other and our ability to build relationships directly impacts our ability to build teams. Teams are a force multiplier – they enable us to do things way beyond our individual abilities.” Alden says there is always a way to improvise, adapt and overcome. This is important for marketers because the marketing world is constantly changing and it’s changing quickly. Lastly, he states that business is an athletic event.  It is important for leaders and marketers to train for business and encourage their teammates to do the same. 

Alden was asked, “what are some attributes and qualities that make for a great leader?” Great leaders get people to believe in themselves, they teach their people things that help them succeed and they push their people to beyond their preconceived limits. To grow your business, to be great marketers or leaders it is important to be emphatic to be able to connect emotionally and the ability to understand things. Lastly, the willingness to take action, consistency, and authenticity will get you far.

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