What Gen Z Wants Brands To Be

What Gen Z Wants Brands To Be

Generation Z Prefers a Digital Experience

People who were born in the years 1996-2015 are in Generation Z. They have a strong connection with the internet and digital experiences. A recent study done by The Center for Generational Kinetics and funded by WP Engine shows that Gen Z wants brands to be socially aware, provide a great digital experience, and to just be authentic and fun.

Gen Z Wants Companies to Care

Companies that contribute to good social causes have better rankings with Gen Z. The study shows that they are 72% more likely to purchase from companies that support good causes. Generation Z and many people who don’t fall into the category like to make purchases that make them feel good. Knowing that your purchase is making a difference makes all the difference when choosing who to buy from. Contributing to a cause can give your business a boost and make you feel great.

Gen Z Needs a Digital Experience

First and foremost your business needs a well designed website. If your business doesn’t have an actual website or if your website is out-dated and hard to navigate, people will quickly move on. Gen Z wants a digital experience when viewing or purchasing from a brand. The option to shop at and contact your business online is key to providing this experience. Having a strong social media presence can tie the digital experience together and boost your sales. 

Gen Z Wants You to be Real 

The study shows that 82% of Gen Z puts more trust in companies that use real customers and experiences in their advertisements. They want to hear what real people have to say about a company. They want to know from people like them that this is a place where they should spend their time and money. Gen Z wants companies to be fun as well. Fun can be created through content on social media, humorous ad campaigns, and more. Just be real and be fun and your business will grow. 

How Bold Media Can Help

At Bold Media we can help you create a digital experience by designing or revamping your website, assisting with your social media posts, and helping you advertise to promote your business online. Contact us and let us help you reach new customers.

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