Social Media Marketing Approaches That You Should Consider

Social Media Marketing Approaches That You Should Consider

Types of Social Media Marketing

There are many ways to market your business on social media platforms but there are 3 that are often overlooked. According to an article on Entrepreneur’s website the 3 types are influencers, dark social media, and paid social media. We will take a quick look at each of these topics to see how they can work for you.

Influencers in Social Media Marketing

Using an influencer is a superb way of reaching a larger audience. An influencer is someone who already has a large following that trusts in their opinions and information. Preferably this influencer will be another expert within your industry that is willing to share your posts. Influencers can be a valuable asset especially when you are just starting out and trying to gain more followers.

What is Dark Social Media Marketing?

Dark social media sounds more mysterious than it actually is. It is simply when people share your social media posts in ways that you can not track. When people share your content via direct message, text message, or email it can’t be tracked or measured. It is unfortunate that you are unable to clearly track this method but it can be effective. Include texting apps, email, and text messaging options among your social sharing buttons. Allow your readers to share your content in whatever way they prefer.   

Paid Social Media Marketing 

Why pay when you can post for free? Promoting posts and having paid ads allows people who wouldn’t normally see your posts to see them. You can even target people in specific locations as well as their personal interests. If done correctly with a proper strategy, paid social media marketing will pay for itself and then some.

Social Media Marketing with Bold Media

Social media marketing is one of our specialties. If you need help creating a strategy or developing content we would be happy to help. We can help boost your company’s digital experience by designing or revamping your website, search engine marketing, and SEO as well. Contact us and let us help you reach new customers.

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