Rethink Your Company’s Relationship With Consumers

Rethink Your Company’s Relationship With Consumers

We have been living in very rocky and uncertain times which has led to many consumers feeling frustrated. While implementing new marketing campaigns during and after the pandemic, it is important to keep in mind that your customers have different needs and reassurances to make them feel comfortable. Consumers want to frequent the businesses they loved before and increasing your online presence can help retain your customers and support your business. With storefronts either being closed or limiting the amount of people allowed in their stores, moving some elements of your business online is the way to go.

Adapt to the needs of your customers

An article on Indeed showcases what different companies are doing to keep from shutting down their operations completely and maintaining their customer base. The article highlights September Surf cafe, a restaurant that has moved a lot of its ordering online. Online ordering as well as offering curbside pickup has been an effective way to retain your customer base and gain new customers. Rebicycle was also featured in the Indeed article. They are a custom bike shop in Montreal that offers virtual appointments. Virtual meetings can be easier and are safer for your employees and consumers. In the article they mention that the bike shop has just as much business as they had before the pandemic. Offering curbside pickup, virtual meetings, and online ordering can continue to help improve your business and bring in new customers long after the pandemic has subsided and the world reopens. 

How Bold Media can help

Keeping your customers informed about the new procedures your business has implemented to keep them safe and suit their needs is crucial. Bold Media can help you design or revamp your website, assist with your social media posts, and help you advertise to promote your business online. Contact us and let us help you reach new customers during this time.

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