Precision Branding for Your Marketing Comeback

Precision Branding for Your Marketing Comeback

Reinvest in your Marketing Strategy

Many companies have halted their marketing budget due to the coronavirus pandemic. This may have been an ok financial move for a very short time but, marketing is important to stay relevant with your customers and gain new ones. If people aren’t seeing or hearing about your business then your company is at severe risk of being forgotten.

Precision Branding Marketing Strategy

The American Marketing Association (AMA) featured an interesting article written by Ben Kunz, explaining the precision branding concept and how to implement it. AMA stated that U.S. ad spending has fallen 13% this year. Many brands will have to make up for lost marketing time and make their way back into consumer’s thoughts. Precision branding simultaneously uses both brand advertising and direct response methods. Brand advertising takes time. It develops your company’s message and shapes how people think of your company. Direct response is a faster approach but it fizzles out a lot quicker. The direct response includes methods such as paid search, social media, and mail ads to name a few. Finding the right balance between these two strategies to make valuable connections with consumers is the key to precision branding.

Your New Marketing Strategy with Precision Branding

The balance between brand advertising and direct response marketing is important. Direct response is a great tool to get in front of consumers but it rarely makes a lasting impression on its own. When direct response methods are backed by a fully formed and recognizable brand it can boost the likelihood of gaining a loyal customer. Creating a brand that makes a lasting impression takes time and creativity but, your investment in your company’s identity is sure to pay off in the long run.

Revive your Marketing Strategy with Bold Media

The Bold Media Team can help you with your new marketing strategy. We can take care of development, design, hosting, and more. We can set up your direct response strategy with paid search ads and social media ads. We can also help you develop and market your brand’s message. Let us help you boost your company’s digital experience by designing or revamping your website, search engine marketing, and SEO as well. Contact us today for more information.

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