Planet Fitness’ 2020 ‘Bullfit’ Campaign

Planet Fitness’ 2020 ‘Bullfit’ Campaign

Recently, Planet Fitness debuted a campaign that aims to counter the notion that you must participate in a competitive and intimidating class environment to exercise at the gym. To support the ‘Stop the Bullfit’ campaign, Planet Fitness commissioned a study that said Americans’ perception about exercising, says MarketingDive article. Planet Fitness is positioning itself for average people that are interested in exercising without the pressure of intense training. The campaign launched to expand its reach nationwide to consumers who have yet to register for a gym membership because they are intimidated by the high intensity classes that are offered at gyms. 

A Bullfit Report found that 80% of Americans are not registered to a gym and 55% said that turning exercise into a competition decreased their motivation to attend a gym. Planet Fitness’ focus is for average people to exercise for just $10/month membership, unlike other higher priced gyms that can be more intense. This is aimed to combat the pressures that are related to intimidations at gyms and competitions. 

The campaign comes in the middle of major growth for the company and has opened their 2,000th location in Colorado Springs on December 31, 2019. Planet Fitness has also teamed up with Kohl’s to open workout centers next to Kohl’s, believing malls are an appealing location to attract customers.

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