Micro-Influencers are Changing Marketing


When choosing influencers, many brands think bigger is better and go for the people with the highest numbers. Seth Godin, a marketing guru, says marketing on a large scale can sacrifice what makes you special in the first. He says instead of going big, businesses should look for “the smallest viable audience” of fans and growing on meaningful and loyal communities around them. The article from Social Media Today goes over why you should speak and post to people who are in your “tribe” and how you can better your results with micro – influencers.

It is more valuable to know exactly who you are aiming at and putting your efforts towards a tightly defined group of target customers. Seth Godin puts it as you should speak the same language, care about and love the same stuff. The people that you are in sync with are also in sync with what you’re selling. Media diversification means there is content available for every group out there and it is crucial for brands to understand online dynamics when they promote their products. Godin said, “instead of trying to reach everyone, we should seek to reach the smallest viable audience, and delight them so thoughtfully and fully that they tell others.” A community – driven approach is a great way to build a lasting group of fans and followers.

Wondering what are the benefits of working with micro – influencers? Micro – influencers have more authority due to their specialized interests and their opinion on products carries more weight with followers. They are more authentic so partnerships are less likely to come off awkward and they engage with their audience more frequently. Finally, they are usually cheaper to work with and more approachable. At the end of the day this all translates to more meaningful engagements with their fans and more cost efficient marketing campaigns.

Being that we are a local marketing company we are glad to see the rise in micro – influencers and seeing people support them, especially with marketing campaigns. At Bold Media we know the relevance of your brand and to your followers. We take pride in working across all platforms to reach your desired target audience. If you are interested in boosting your brand over social media, please call us today at (248) 477-5994 to learn more about how we can help you.

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