How Can I Reach the Next Generation of Buyers?

How Can I Reach the Next Generation of Buyers?

Live streams or short videos can be used to show users authentic content and develop relationships with customers from a marketing perspective. To reach new buyers, brands must focus on capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention. Businesses targeting younger people may find that the “hard-sell” on Facebook isn’t the most effective approach. They may find more success posting high-quality images, videos, and content that is intriguing to potential customers. 

Can Instagram Stories Supplement Social Media Strategies?

Brands can incorporate Instagram stories into their social media strategy to reach users and engage with their audience. Stories are one of Instagram’s most popular formats and have surpassed the number of average viewers that competitors such as Snapchat receive. Instagram stories can be used to share content such as business announcements and promotions. Consistently posting can allow profiles to perform better and be favored by the Instagram algorithm. This can allow a business’s posts to show up in more users’ feeds.  

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