LinkedIn Sales Navigator Will Now Surface More Content For Sales Teams To Share


Integrating Elevate – Content Sharing App

MarketingLand article talked about how LinkedIn Sales Navigator released product updates recently to add more features for discovering and managing leads. LinkedIn launched Elevate in 2015 to help users share content on LinkedIn. Now, users who use the Elevate app will receive alerts on the Sales Navigator homepage when new content is available. Marketers will still be able to control what they’d like to see but now with Sales Navigator users will have an easier time boosting their brand and their company. 

New Ways To Manage Leads

Sales Navigator will allow users to sort Custom Lead Lists by name account and geography and custom account lists can be sorted also. Users will be able to copy a lead list that was shared with them to create their own new list and perform a “bulk save” for all leads from a shared list. When a user sends a connection request on LinkedIn via Sales Navigator then they will be able to save that potential connection as a lead. It is also adding a feature that lets users know that an existing lead is on LinkedIn with a green status dot.

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