LinkedIn Modifies Its Algorithm To Create A Better News Feed For Users


LinkedIn has announced changes to its algorithm to prioritize better conversations in users’ feeds. The company uses the maxim of people you know talking about things you care about as its framework. LinkedIn tries to filter through the posts and go to the ones that you care about. It works by priorities by filtering through direct interactions, direct connections, such as co-workers and profiles to interests and experiences. 
Pete Davies, consumer product at LinkedIn said, “Authenticity is key. All the tips work out better when members talk about things they truly care about, in a way that’s natural for them. Genuine conversation around real experiences spark better and deeper conversation. Better conversation, in turn, leads to stronger community and connection” in MarketingTech article. LinkedIn reported that marketers could influence customer decisions with the buying process and while people now are more involved with the tech buying process, the purchase timeline was shortening. Therefore, marketers need to make their point more quickly and know their audience. Due to continued advancement, LinkedIn thrives to better their site to engage and connect with their community.

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