Instagram Confirms It Is Testing Increased Ad Loads In Stories

Instagram Ads

Back-To-Back Story Ads Experiment

MarketingLand article is talking about increased Instagram ads again except now it is confirmed that Instagram is testing increased ad loads in the Stories setting. Marketers previously reported that they noticed an increase in the ads accounting for as much as 22% out 45 posts and 23% of Stories. A spokesperson from Facebook, Instagram’s parent company said, “We’re always testing new ad experiences on Instagram and want to learn how people and advertisers respond to this small test.”

Why Is This Important?

If Instagram goes through with having more ads in Stories then advertisers who are familiar with ad format and running campaigns will be in a prime position to take advantage of the increased ad to benefit themselves and their business. It will also be important to note that if more people start using Story ads more regularly then it will be even more important for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out in a creative matter. Instagram states that the goal of this test is to figure out the “right frequency” of Story ads in terms of user experience. Also depending on how the user uses Instagram the ad load will fluctuate.

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