Guide To Working From Home

Guide To Working From Home

American Marketing Association’s article wrote tips on how to work from home. Marketers work across multiple departments and manage different projects. Minimizing the chance that a task might slip through the cracks is important through a single piece of project management software. Another important tip is to pay special attention to the deciders. Reinforce the organizational chart if you need to so that everyone is aware of whose approval they’re waiting for. Staying in touch by communicating will keep things flowing smoothly. 

To work effectively from home make sure everything in your work space is organized and minimal. Too much visual clutter can be distracting while you work and also while having visual online meetings. Along with organizing, it is a good idea to simulate a morning routine by waking up early, showering and putting on work clothes. Designate a space for work and avoid sitting with your laptop on the bed or couch. When you are done with your workday, physically put away any work-related supplies and close your laptop. 

The internet is the lifeline through working from home so it is crucial to have great internet connection. If anything were to happen be sure to test the hotspot capabilities of your phone to ensure proper access if your Wi-Fi connection is lost. 

At Bold Media we are here to help you market your brand and company while you work from home. We are all going through this pandemic and learning new ways to live through it. Stay patient and updated with tips to help you through the process. For more information on how to market while being at home contact us

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