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An email marketing provider, GetResponse, has been analyzing over four billion emails sent from January through June 2019 in 126 countries. The report is important because it details the effectiveness of different email marketing strategies and campaigns. From analyzing it was found that subject lines, email volume and time-sensitivity are among the most effective approaches to an effective and engaging email marketing. 

Subject lines: According to the report, there are three words that are most effective that focus on value. The keywords, “Newsletter,” “PDF,” and “ebook” ranked as the top three keywords for subject lines. When these keywords were included in the subject line the click-to-open-rate were higher, ranging between 27.84% – 31.43%. 

Fewer emails drive higher engagements: MarketingLand article talked about the report finding that email marketers who send out one newsletter per week saw the highest campaign results. Also, confirmation emails and welcome emails that contained a link to download content had an 88.7% open rate. 

Time-sensitive offers: Urgency and time-sensitive offers are most effective within the first hour. These type of promotions and flash sales had open rates of 19% within the first hour the email made it to the inboxes. 

For any type of businesses that send out emails to their clients this information is very beneficial. Sometimes people may feel that their email marketing is going unnoticed but when done right it can be very helpful towards the business. 

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