April Social Media Summary


This past month there was a lot of change when it came to social media. Facebook has redesigned its feed to emphasize intimacy and privacy aspects compared to public Pages. Events will now have a more prominent place in the new version with an Events tab next to the Groups tab. Social Media Today said that these changes mark the transition which Facebook is eager to make to the “privacy – focused communications platform.” Along with the news feed change there have been changes to messenger to make it easier for users and brands. Its focus is on highlighting closest friends, allowing you to choose “current status,” and introducing video co-watching capabilities. The new messenger is also relevant for businesses wanting to book appointments, use lead generation templates and get easy authentication.

Twitter has been taking some steps to fight spammers by changing the number of accounts you can follow each day from 1,000 to 400. Soon Twitter will be introducing a “hide replies” feature. This feature will give the author of the original tweet the power to “hide” the unwanted replies from others and themselves. The same technology that is used to track spam, platform manipulation and other violations is helping Twitter flag abusive Tweets to get reviews. The focus is to have a safe platform for users and businesses to express themselves.

Instagram has been testing a method for how you will be able to view “Likes” on a post in an effort to reduce negative impact on mental health social media may have. At the F8 Conference, Instagram said it wants the users to post more authentic content and “focus on the videos and photos they share, not how many likes they get.” The like count could affect marketing since some influencers rely on this metric to motivate collaborations but that will also be tested. Instagram is also taking some additional steps to battle bullying by testing a “nudge” feature which would warn users if they’re about to make an abusive comment. Another feature currently undergoing testing is the “Away Mode” which will allow users to take a break from Instagram when needed and not have to delete the app. Lastly, “Manage Interactions” is a feature that allows users to customize the way specific users interact with their profile. If you don’t want to block someone but you don’t want them to comment on your posts then this feature would do that. If these features will reduce negative effect on mental health, then most likely they will be rolled out worldwide.

We believe these social media changes can impact the platforms in a positive way. A common trend between the three social media platforms is they are all taking the steps to protect users from spammers and not tolerating abuse. We continue to see social media platforms advancing and adapting to users wants and needs worldwide. At Bold Media we are focused on providing our clients with exceptional marketing services across all social media platforms.  We have launched campaigns that maintain social media profiles and present advertisements across social media platforms. If you are interested in generating leads or boosting your brand over social media, please call us today at (248) 477- 5994 to learn more about how we can help you. 

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