Has Instagram Increased Its Ad Load?

Instagram Ads

You may have noticed you are seeing more ads on your Instagram feed. Well you aren’t alone. Peter Stringer, a Facebook and Instagram ads consultant also noticed the increase in the ads. Marketers report as many as 1 in 4 posts are ads says Marketing Land article. It is likely that because you click on a lot of ads that it may signal you are engaged with the ads. A Facebook spokesperson said, “Ad load fluctuates based on how people use Instagram. We closely monitor people’s sentiment both for ads and overall commerciality.”

Ads are presented to you based on pages you and your followers like, information from your Facebook and Instagram profile, and places you check when you are using social media. Josh Thompson, Portent Digital’s social media strategist, said “we correlate the increased ad volume to an increasing amount of advertisers on the Facebook platform of apps, including Instagram.” So far, there has not been a measurable impact when it comes to users being annoyed with the ads in their feed but that could change if ads increase.

With the increased ads it puts advertisers in a difficult position. User engagement could be affected when too many ads will be presented. Customer acquisition costs are rising and advertisers are continuously adjusting tactics for campaign ads to stay relevant and efficient. 

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