7 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools For Any Business

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With the rise of social media businesses moved from word-of-mouth to online engagement. Using social media for your business has a great way of monitoring your insights on many of the platforms. With Instagram you can check your insights weekly to know how many actions or impressions you are getting on your page. Facebook has a great built in insights tool and you can specify the time frame you want to check.

Marketing Land article talked about some of the most robust social media monitoring tools that bring you real time insights on your market, customers, and competition. Awario is a relatively new social media monitoring tool. It is made to make social media insights affordable for any business with plans starting at $29/month. Awario monitors mentions of your brand, competitors, and industry. It lets you identify guest blogging opportunities and discover content ideas by finding influencers to partner with. Another tool is Brandwatch which has 3 tools for marketing and PR teams. It lets you find groups of people based on your targeting rules and better understand your customers by analyzing their social media posts and lets you know what sets them apart from the rest. A more simple tool would be Hootsuite, which offers publishing, collaborations and monitoring features. Some of its features are free while others can be purchased as add-ons

There are many more social media monitoring tools that are popular right now and can work for any business. To learn more about other social media tools that you can use click here. For more information on how we at Bold Media can help you with your social media presence please contact us today at (248) 477-5994.

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