Marketing strategy is an important role in any business when it comes to success. It requires monitoring of trends across all platforms: new technology, sociocultural values, new business models, economic trends and so much more. When used to its best ability, marketing services can connect with customers, contribute to social and environmental challenges to better the world and help new solutions achieve their potential says American Marketing Association

While marketing can contribute to a better world it can also contribute to unhealthy behaviors. Using data in ways that violate consumer privacy and placing profits before people. Some marketing trends contribute to unsustainable behaviors, like marketing fruit-flavored vaping products to children and young adults. We cannot be blind to these negative ways of marketing but instead enforce positive marketing trends that can benefit the people.

As the marketing world grows, especially through social media and online presence, marketers and influencers have to keep in mind the critical role that they have. With that being said, we can better prepare the next generation to recognize the positive and negative roles that marketing plays in our society. We at Bold Media take pride in enforcing positive marketing trends and continuing to learn how to better help our consumers.

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